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Critical Theory:

Overview of Critical Theory

Early Critical Theorists




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Michael Apple:

Introduction to Michael W. Apple

What Knowledge Should be Distributed in Schools

Schools as Normalizing Institutions

Social Stratification

Progressive Education in Postmodernism

Schools as Socialization Barracks

Institutions and Cultural Capital

Apple's Research Agenda

Thoughts on Clinton's Administration

Critical Neo-Marxist Ideology

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Paulo Freire:

Introduction to Paulo Freire

Freirian Theory: The Roles of the Oppressor and the Oppressed

Freirian Theory: Breaking Out of the Cycle-Educational Banking's Role in Perpetuating Oppression

Freirian Theory: Breaking Out of the Cycle-The Role of Dialogical Action

Pedagogy of Hope: Reliving Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Selections of Excerpts from Mentoring the Mentor , a Critical Dialogue With Paulo Freire

Donaldo Macedo

Peter C. Murrel, Jr.

Gloria Ladson-Billings

James W. Fraser

William T. Stokes

Asgedet Stefanos

Tim Sieber

Ron Scapp

Freire's Response

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Henry Giroux:

Introduction to Henry Giroux

Giroux's Views on Critical Pedagogy

The Role That Schools Play in Critical Pedagogy

The Role That Teachers Play in Critical Pedagogy

The Role of Curriculum in Critical Pedagogy

Giroux's Views on Paulo Freire

Giroux on Giroux: Part 1

Giroux on Giroux: Part 2

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Peter McLaren:

Introduction to Peter McLaren

Background Information

Life in School-Critical Pedagogy

Schools as a Ritual Performance

Multiculturalis as Revolutionary Praxis

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About Us:

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