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Henry Giroux

Henry Giroux is one of the leading writers and educators associated with the Critical Theory tradition in education. His first book, Ideology, Culture and the Process of Schooling, (1981), established him as an important voice in the world of educational theory. Since then he has authored more than 20 books, and over 200 scholarly articles and chapters.

Presently he is the Waterbury Chair Professor in Secondary Education in Penn State's College of Education, and serves as the Director of the Waterbury Forum in Education and Cultural Studies. In addition to his academic life he is married and has three children.

The following pages will introduce you to Henry's thoughts on critical pedagogy and its role in education. These quotes were taken from an interview he gave to Carlos Torres. A transcript of the interview was sent to Cynthia Duda (November, 1999) by Henry Giroux, to be used for this website. A more complete version of the interview is published in Education, Power, and Personal Biography: Introduction to Dialogues with Critical Educators, edited by Carlos A. Torres.


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