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Rage and Hope

Rage and Hope was created as a project for Dr. James Scheurich's 1999 graduate course, Systems of Human Inquiry, at the University of Texas at Austin.

The site was developed by:

Cynthia Duda-Doctoral Student in Curriculum Studies
Responsible for collecting information on Henry Giroux

Ruben Garza-Doctoral Student in Curriculum Studies
  Responsible for collecting information on Michael Apple

Linda Stacavich.-Doctoral Student in Educational Administration
Responsible for information overview and reference section

Sung-Kwan Yang.-Doctoral Student in Policy and Planning
  Responsible for information on Peter McLaren

Laurie Williams.-Doctoral Student in Instructional Technology
  Responsible for information on Paulo Freire, and web development

We would also like to thank Michael Apple, Henry Giroux and Peter McLaren for the assistance they gave us during the development of the site.

Last Updated: 8/19/03
Laurie Williams