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Henry Giroux


What is the Role of Curriculum in
Critical Pedagogy?

  • "Critical pedagogy argues for the importance of developing multiple literacies. We need to develop social literacies that are functional, cultural, and critical. In this sense, we need literacies that both recognize the importance of cultural differences and the importance of individuals communicating across various social, cultural, and political borders. "

  • "Educators and others also need literacies that enable people to critically analyze the new electronic technologies that are shaping everyday life through the popular media, television, and film."

  • "If literacy is a condition for human agency, then pedagogy and education cannot be limited to young people, but should be the right of everyone. Adult education must take on as important a role as public education does today for younger people, but we must educate various age groups not only in schools but also in a variety of cultural sites. In order to do this we must completely reform existing schools and programs of education. "


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