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Peter McLaren

Life in School-Critical Pedagogy

"Critical pedagogy is designed to serve the purpose of both empowering teachers and teaching for empowerment. Within this perspective, pedagogy and culture are seen as intersecting fields of struggle, and the contradictory character of teaching as if currently defines the nature of teacher work, everyday classroom life, and the purpose of schooling is subjected to more critical forms of analysis." (In preface)


  • New chapter on the social construction of whiteness (ch.11)
  • Combines first-hand account of teaching in at-risk settings with clear analysis of and arguments for theories of critical pedagogy
  • Realistic snapshot of American public schooling, including statistics (Part 1)
  • Overview of educational approach known as critical pedagogy (Part 3)
  • Analysis of American public schooling and need for implementing critical theories, including coverage of race, gender, culture and class (Part 4)
  • Excerpts from author's diary "Cries form the Corridor," of his year as a public schooling teacher (Part 2)
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Updated: 11/26/99
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