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Photo of Michael Apple

Michael Apple

Michael W. Apple is the John Bascom Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Policy Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Madison, Wisconsin. He is highly regarded as an important voice in "contemporary progressive education."

This highly regarded critical theorist has written extensively, deconstructing and analyzing our educational system with some thought-provoking and illuminating details.

He has also taught at both elementary and secondary levels and provided guidance for teachers and administrators as they strive to improve educational outcomes for all children.

Dr. Apple, whom I perceive to be one of the great modern critical theorists, travels extensively in addition to dedicating time to his writing and research. In one of his October communications with me, Dr. Apple shared how he had just returned "from lecturing and doing some political work in Chile."

What makes this man tick? It is my intention to introduce you to this fascinating man through some of his works. Although I do not think this brief overview will do him justice, I believe my humble attempt will shed some light into his thoughts on education, curriculum, and pedagogy.


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Updated: 11/24/99
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