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What is Role of Schools?

"Schools should be seen as a resource for the larger community. In this sense, teachers and members of the community become co-owners of the school and in doing so collectively determine what is taught, how the school is organized, and what role the school might play in the affairs of the community and neighborhood agencies . . ."

"School can be used as a strategic site for addressing social problems and helping students understand what it means to exercise rights and responsibilities as critical citizens actively engaged in forms of social learning that expand human capacities for compassion, empathy, and solidarity."

"Schools should foster public values and not merely advance excessive individuals, competitiveness, and intellectual consumerism."

". . . the existing systems of schooling must give teachers more power to control their own work conditions and to implement educational programs with the universities and other social groups in which they work in dialogue in order to address the various problems of society."

"School buildings should be limited in size to permit teachers and others to provide a sense of democratic community for themselves and their students."

"Schools should provide teachers an opportunity to exercise power over the conditions of their work."

"They should not lose their connection to the neighborhoods they are intended to serve."


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